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Founded in June 2000 as a hobby site, was set up to report on the development of the UK's sports and bodybuilding supplement scene. quickly grew to be one of the highest ranking sports supplements websites and attracted international attention from supplement users and athletes around the world.

Back in 2000 our primary goal was to report on the development of the relatively new sports supplements marke and to provide the latest, most up to date news about sports and nutritional supplements products. Whilst things have moved on significantly in the supplement market, our fundamental values remain the same. We intend to inform and educate both new, and experienced supplement consumers, of the benefits of sports nutrition, the latest sports supplement news, and finally the realities of sports nutrition and supplementation

Today, as athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics strive for greater performance, recovery and health, sports supplements and nutritional supplements have become increasingly popular in today's society. In many cases, nutritional supplements play a role in every day life, whether it be a multivitamin tablet, a performance snack bar or even a large container of protein powder.'s comprehensive directories of Sports and Health Supplement retailers can help you to track down the best deals and the best supplements at the best prices. Soon to go global, we intend to build one of the greatest sports supplement related directories on the internet. Additionally, Our Consumer Reviews section allows users worldwide to exchange information and comments on the products and supplements which they found to be most useful, helping other consumers to read experiences and make informed decisions rather than relying solely on advertisements. If you have feedback to give on a supplement, be it positive or negative, be sure to enter a consumer review and do your bit to help fellow gym users to reach their goals faster and more efficiently.

If you are seeking to find out about the latest supplements to be released on the market, keep a regular eye on our news pages and new supplement features to ensure that you remain aware of cutting edge developments and products within the high performance world of sports supplementation.

We hope you will find a very useful resource.

Kind Regards,

Richard Johnston BA (hons)
Founder of Sports

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