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Index : Reflex Nutrition
Sports Supplement Information

Reflex Nutrition  Progen

Reflex Nutrition Progen

Reflex Nutrition Progen

Progen is a high protein meal replacement supplement offering 40g of protein from mixed sources per serving, together with organic source carbohydrates.

Reflex Nutrition's Product Description:

Progen was initially formulated in 1996 and became one of the key products within the reflex product range. It has seen many developments and changes across that time to ensure that we applied the very latest available developments in the field of nutrition to the formulation. In 2000, the product was put into sachets and became the product that we recognise today. In the summer of 2005, we added organic barley and Organic Oats as a source of natural carbohydrate. We believe that the formulation is at such a level of development that that no major changes are envisaged for the near future based on current nutritional thinking. However, we are not a company to stand still and our ethos of ‘tomorrow’s nutrition today’ means that we are always striving to improve.

When we make any changes to a formulation, we ensure that they are consistent with the concept of the product. With Progen, the product is designed to provide the most nutritionally complete, natural, easily absorbed and assimilated product available. This means that we have to select high cost ingredient like natural sources of carbohydrate, chelated minerals and natural Vitamin E. Given that we are not importing our finished product from abroad and do not have to pay a contract packer to make the product for us, we can cover the additional cost of these superior ingredients without it having an impact on the price you pay....

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Whey Protein Concentrate Lactospore Probiotics
Milk Protein Concentrate Organic Barley
Calcium Caseinate Organic Oats

Further Information:

Read more about Reflex Nutrition Progen at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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