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PVL's MCT (Medium chain triglyceride) oil contains good fats that claim to spare protein from being wasted as energy, allowing the protein to repair and build muscle faster and more completely. It can also aid in the development of lean muscle mass.

PVL's Product Description:

MCT Oil What Is It?
Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) occur naturally in small quantities in a variety of foods. In cow's milk, MCTs account for 20% of the total fatty acid composition. They are very hard to find in suitable quantities in regular foods. To get pure MCTs, they are prepared from coconut oil (a source of MCTs) and are then fractionated or hydrolyzed (enzymatically broken down from "long chains" of regular fat into "medium chains" of healthy fats).

Regular fats are long chain triglycerides (LCTs) which are C-16 to C-20; 16-20 carbon units long, a measurement of the length of the fatty acid chain. The MCTs obtained from fractionation consist of predominantly C-8 fatty acid chains (8 carbon units long), with lesser amounts of C-10, and trace amounts of C6:0 and C12:0. C-8 is the preferred length of an MCT fatty acid chain. MCT Supreme 100 contains up to 60% more C-8 than regular MCT oils on the market, making MCT Supreme 100 the purest MCT oil you can use. One tablespoon of MCT oil delivers 15 grams of this unique "fatless fat" and contains only 120 calories. MCTs are not drugs and have no pharmacological effects. They have been used safely for over 50 years in hospital nutrition where patients need caloric energy to recover from illness or surgery.

MCTs & Dieting
Most weight loss diets leave you gasping for energy. Low carb and low fat diets just do not provide enough fuel to give you the energy to exercise and often make you unpleasant to be around. Bodybuilders (the ultimate dieters) use MCTs while dieting to provide the missing fuel normally consumed in the form of carbs and fats. You get the energy, with zero carbs plus MCTs help you actually burn fat too! MCT Supreme 100 was specifically designed for people who want to be as lean as ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Medium chain triglycerides

Further Information:

Read more about PVL MCT Oil at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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