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PVL  Gourmet Gainer

PVL Gourmet Gainer

PVL Gourmet Gainer

PVL extend their Gourmet Flavouring to the weight gain arena. Gourmet Gainer is a low fat high carb weight gainer offering 30g of protein from a 800 calorie serving.

PVL's Product Description:

The first Gainer available in Gourmet flavours
Thick, Rich and Satisfying taste & texture just like you expect from Whey Gourmet.
Gourmet Gainer contains no soy protein, no bloating casein protein and certainly no vegetable proteins! ALL 30 grams of Gourmet Gainer’s protein comes from 100% pure Isoplete, the same incredible protein matrix that makes Whey Gourmet™ one of the world’s top selling protein powders, along with a full 1,000mg of Glutamine Peptides stacked on top. This “wonder protein” is then delivered to your starving muscles via not one but TWO transport systems: GlycoCarb™ and Nitriplete™! With no protein being wasted your chances of growing faster and training harder are sure to increase! And the best feature of all – this is the world’s first GOURMET gainer! PVL revolutionized protein with its Gourmet Flavor Technology, and now we’re doing the same for the first time ever in a gainer! GOURMET GAINER – only from PVL. Take your body to the next level!

Go Gourmet Today – And Grow!

* Perfect for growing a huge physique and powering you through those intense workouts.
* Rich in amino acids.
* Mixes easily.
* Low in fat, only 3 grams per serving.
* With 100% pure Isoplete the same incredible protein matrix that makes up Whey Gourmet
* 99.5% lactose free whey isolates with added whey peptides.
* 1000mg of additional Glutamine peptides
* Featuring Gourmet Flavour Technology ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about PVL Gourmet Gainer at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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