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Index : Nutrex
Sports Supplement Information

Nutrex  Vitrix

Nutrex Vitrix

Nutrex Vitrix

Vitrix sets out to naturally boost testosterone through it's primary active ingredient, German Tribulus Terrestris enhanced by Nutrex's NTS-5 a liquid phyto-nutrient blend. Nutrex offer increase muscle growth and increased sexdrive with Nutrex Vitrix

Nutrex's Product Description:

Muscle growth and sexual activity are both regulated by testosterone, a hormone we naturally produce. There is not a single substance or factor in this world that has a more pronounced effect on your success as a bodybuilder and supreme lover in the bedroom than testosterone. Raising your natural testosterone levels will dramatically increase the rate of how much muscle you will build and how good your sex life is. While there are many ways – proven and unproven – to up your testosterone, your most effective, fastest and safest choice is taking the research proven natural testosterone stimulator Vitrix. Vitrix has emerged as the leading testosterone booster in fitness and bodybuilding as it is the only product that offers superior potency, maximum results and proven safety all in one.

Superior Potency: Using fast-acting liquid capsules that were developed by one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies assures rapid and complete uptake of all the testosterone boosting substances in Vitrix. This guarantees superior potency, unmatched quality and precise timing. Furthermore, by combining liquid German Tribulus, that has the highest ratio of active testosterone stimulating saponins and protodioscins, with the patented NTS-5 complex, maximum results can be expected.

Maximum Results: Within a few shorts days Vitrix will cause a massive surge in your natural testosterone production. The effects due to the extra testosterone are very noticeable: Instant strength increases, measurable muscle gains, awesome pumps, more energy coupled with a huge sexual appetite and prowess.

Proven Safety: Vitrix is not a steroid. It works with your body not against it. Vitrix contains only research proven natural ingredients that assist your body in forming more natural – not art...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about Nutrex Vitrix at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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