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Index : Nutrex
Sports Supplement Information

Nutrex  Vitargo CGL

Nutrex Vitargo CGL

Nutrex Vitargo CGL

Nutrex present Vitargo CGL their sugar free Creatine Glycogen Loading sports supplement. Vitargo CGL combines the patented high molecular weight carbohydrate Vitargo with Creatine Monohydrate and handful of carefully selected minerals.

Nutrex's Product Description:

Most of you are striving to gain muscle, make quick progress or even totally transforming your physique within a few short months. There are not many reliable methods available for natural athletes, unless you want to use steroids or other illegal drugs. Besides hard, consistent training, your best bet to speed up your progress is a combination of two factors: Get the most out of bodybuilding’s prime muscle-building compound, creatine; and optimize your body’s recovery abilities. The more creatine you shuttle into your muscles the bigger and stronger they will become and the faster you recover from your workouts the quicker muscle growth can set in. Vitargo-CGL® is a no-nonsense product that has been scientifically proven to do just that: It maximizes the effects of creatine and speeds up recovery faster than any other product available.

Superior Creatine Product: It is a major hassle to effectively pull creatine from the stomach into your muscles. Stomach discomfort, bloated feeling and sub-par results are common. Vitargo-CGL puts an end to this dilemma. Taking Vitargo-CGL creates an extremely low osmolality rate in your stomach. This forms a shuttle like effect and the creatine in Vitargo-CGL along with fluids get pumped out of your stomach and pushed into your bloodstream within minutes. Creatine can now freely travel to your muscles. Everything hinges on the osmolality rate. The lower this rate is, the quicker the shuttle effect sets in. Vitargo-CGL has the lowest osmolality rate of all products.

Perfect Post-Workout Formula: The faster you recover from your workouts the better you can maximize muscle growth. There is only one way your body recovers from a workout, that is by loading glycogen into your muscles. Glycogen is your muscle’s primary energy componen...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about Nutrex Vitargo CGL at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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