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Index : MuscleTech
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MuscleTech  Thermo Shred

MuscleTech Thermo Shred

MuscleTech Thermo Shred

Muscletech Thermo Shred is a water and fat loss supplement aimed at competing bodybuilders. Thermoshred is designed to burns calories while reducing the water content below the skin allow full definition of muscles whilst on stage.

MuscleTech's Product Description:

Thermoshred™ is the best competition-use, muscle-defining thermogenic. Thermoshred contains a patent-pending formula suitable for competition use only. Each ingredient in Thermoshred is scientifically selected with your competition goals in mind. Thermoshred is made of up three proprietary blends, Incinerate™, Hydroshred™, and Neuro-Tech™.

When it’s time to change gears and get dialed in for a competition, switch to Thermoshred. Due to its powerful formula, you’ll only be using Thermoshred for a short period of time – just long enough to tweak your physique to stage perfection.

Every bodybuilder knows that competition day is the day that matters most. All those hours in the gym, set after set, rep after rep – they all boil down to the day you step onstage. You definitely want to look like you’ve done your homework. So why trust this important task to just any thermogenic? You don’t follow the same diet during your pre-contest diet phase that you do during the rest of the year, so why use a thermogenic supplement that isn’t designed specifically for pre-contest dieting? Thermoshred isn’t meant to be taken at just any time during your bodybuilding journey. It’s designed to help serious bodybuilders get dialed in during the final countdown to contest day.

Thermoshred elevates your body’s metabolic rate while providing a diuretic effect, resulting in less subdermal water retention and greater muscular definition. It also contains Neuro-Tech™, a proprietary blend to help you keep your focus in the gym while you’re dieting, keeping you training hard with the intensity you need to hang on to every ounce of muscle you need!

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about MuscleTech Thermo Shred at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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