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Index : MuscleTech
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MuscleTech  Anator-p70

MuscleTech Anator-p70

MuscleTech Anator-p70

Muscletech promise genetically triggered musclegrowth from their Anator-p70 Supplement through manipulation of muscle regulators. Read on...

MuscleTech's Product Description:

Anator-p70™ is devastatingly powerful and is designed to turn on your DNA for muscle growth, allowing you to maximize your genetic potential in order for you to increase muscle mass and size to the fullest extent of your natural ability.

Anator-p70 is engineered to activate the key signaling cascades consisting of mTOR,PKB , and p70S6K, which ultimately lead to faster muscle growth you just can't get with any other bodybuilding supplement. With Anator-p70, you can now maximally activate your genetics for massive muscle growth!

Anator-p70 is designed to force-feeds signals to your genes, turning on the musclebuilding process, and at the same time, this same supplement controls FOXO and turns off MAFbx. These are the genetic regulators that prevent muscle growth! This is not hype. Anator-p70 is the most exciting development in the science of muscle growth ever recorded! Anator-p70 is the result of over five years and over a million dollars in research at the University of Nottingham by Team MuscleTech™ and the leading authority on muscle metabolism research, Dr. Paul Greenhaff.


Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about MuscleTech Anator-p70 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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