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Index : Maximuscle
Sports Supplement Information

Maximuscle  Maxi-Gakic

Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic

Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic

Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocarproic acid calcium (Gakic) is an antifatigue supplement seeking to support muscle & strength goals and increase muscular performance.

Maximuscle's Product Description:

A powerful and exciting anti-fatigue formula that supports greater training intensity, letting you train harder for longer.

Maximuscle’s Maxi Gakic is a powerful workout product that can help you train harder for longer and with more intensity than normal. GAKIC stands for Glycine-L-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid. Bodybuilders and strength athletes in the States have been raving about its amazing strength benefits and the greater, more productive workouts they experience after using it. Not only has Maximuscle’s Maxi Gakic created a massive buzz in the bodybuilding industry, it’s also backed by credible science. Studies have been published in well-respected journals such as Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise to show that it really works and delivers what it promises! Maxi Gakic users tell us that all you need to do is take the recommended serving 15-20 minutes before you train, and you’ll see and feel the results in that very first workout. How does it work? Maxi Gakic could help to reduce muscle fatigue and with less fatigue, you’ll be able to train harder for longer – essential for intense muscle-building workouts. Supported with a high protein diet, more powerful and intense workouts could result in bigger, stronger muscles....

Primary Active Ingredients:*


Further Information:

Read more about Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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