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MRI  NO2 Black

MRI NO2 Black

MRI NO2 Black

Extended Release Nitric Oxide Supplement featuring Arginine alpha-Ketogluterate, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Actinos2 Whey Peptide Fractions.

MRI's Product Description:

Expect Unimaginable Results!
Finally Reaching the “Upper Limits” of Nitric oxide: 950% Higher Levels
Massive Gains in Lean Mass

Your training is all about adding new lean muscle. And what “signals” the growth of that new muscle? Nitric oxide. So it stands to reason you want higher levels of nitric oxide maintained through extended periods of time. That’s just what you get with NO2 Black. 950% higher levels than previously possible – sustained throughout the day! That’s why thousands of bodybuilders – like you - are adding massive amounts of new muscle every day with NO2 Black.

“In-Gym” Muscle Recovery

Here’s a scientific fact: The faster you start your recovery, the faster you add new muscle. With NO2 Black, you start to recover even before you leave the gym! How is this possible? MRI’s new NOS Up-regulating technology – ACTINOS2 – generates 950% higher nitric oxide levels. These “upper limit” levels of nitric oxide “hyper dilate” the blood channels driving vital recovery nutrients (like aminos and glucose/glycogen) to your muscles faster and in far greater quantities. And NO2 Black’s extended-release technology ensures the continuous sure of those nutrients all day long. Even as you’re lifting, the recovery nutrients are coursing to your muscle cells!
Skin Ripping Pumps – Lasting into Tomorrow!

Every bodybuilder can tell you, you look your best right after a workout. It’s when you’re pumped to the max. It’s your “cover model” look. Now with NO2 Black you can keep a good portion of that look into the next day!

And keep in mind, pumps do more than look great. They’re living (and impressive) proof of increased blood flow delivering vital “growth nutrients” to your muscles. That’s why with NO2 Black, you just keep growing day after day!

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Arginine alpha-Ketogluterate
Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Actinos2 Whey Peptide Fraction

Further Information:

Read more about MRI NO2 Black at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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