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MHP  Dren

MHP Dren

MHP Dren

Dren is a fat loss supplement which MHP liken to Clenbuterol. It is an advanced level supplement whose primary ingredient is Beta-Methoxy- Phenylethylamine. Caffeine is added to aid energy and appetite surpression whilst L-5-Hydroxytryptophan is added to aid and elevate mood.

MHP's Product Description:


Researchers are calling the discovery of an exclusive new compound, Beta-Methoxy- Phenylethylamine , a bigger and more promising breakthrough than ephedra and are comparing DREN to Clenbuterol. Scientists have been looking at the basic form Beta-Phenylethyamine (also called Beta-PEA) for years, but unfortunately its short half-life prevented this compound from ever being very effective. The first attempt to overcome the short half- life was to combine Beta-PEA with MAO inhibitors, but this also proved to be NOT effective. However, this new form isnít just showing promise, its showing amazing results. And while Beta-Methoxy-Phenylethylamine is the new General in the war against fat a few good soldiers have been added to DREN for total annihilation of stubborn adipose FAT!

Advanced Pharmacological Approach To Fat Annihilation!

DREN uses an advanced pharmacological approach to trigger the process of lipolysis for maximum fat burning. DREN ( patent pending compound name DRENBUTEROL) belongs to a powerful new class of compounds called mesolimbic Beta Agonist Fat Burning Agents. Its mechanism of action is similar to that of the popular old ECA (ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin) stack, but even more parallel to those of Clenbuterol. Like Clenbuterol, DREN poses more selective and powerful beta-adrenergic fat burning activity then ephedra. Plus in addition to extreme thermogenic effects, DREN also has powerful psycho-active euphoric effects.

Step 1: Sympathometic thermogenic Activation:

Beta-Methoxy Phenylethlyamine (also called Beta-Methoxy PEA) is an exciting new ingredient used exclusively in DREN. Beta-Methox-PEA works in part by increasing noradrenaline (NA) release from sympathetic nerve terminals...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Drenbuterol Beta Methoxyphenylethylamine
Caffeine Yohimbine HCI
L-5 Hydroxytryptophan

Further Information:

Read more about MHP Dren at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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