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MAN  Scorch Remix V3

MAN Scorch Remix V3

MAN Scorch Remix V3

Scorch Remix Volume 3 is a weight loss supplement featuring Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea, Caffeine, Evodiamine and many more active ingredients.

MAN's Product Description:

The starting point to success is desire – you gotta want it! At MAN™ Sports, we recognize that in order to get in shape - to get a rock-hard body…in order to get the type of physique that keeps you confident and secure at all times, you gotta get in the trenches and make it happen with proper nutrition and exercise. Theres just no way around that and as a company we want to make that perfectly clear to you, right here and right now.

Having said that, if you want the ultimate edge so you can REVEAL THE STEEL™ and Sex Appeal…And if you are looking for something that is based on revolutionary innovations, scientifically and clinically supported ingredients and something that is totally on the cutting edge, we introduce you to the New SCORCH™ Remix Volume 3.

Unlike any other product ever invented before, New SCORCH™ V3 is without a shadow of a doubt the most potent, most effective and most complete fat burning formulation ever assembled. By initiating a body fat burning onslaught that defies description, New SCORCH™ V3 is guaranteed to make getting in shape easier than ever.

So, if you really want a rock-hard body and your ready to REVEAL THE STEEL™, set free your burning desire to look and feel your best and make it happen today with New SCORCH™ Remix V3.



Raspberry Ketones (RK) are the compounds in raspberries that impart the characteristic fruity odor. New research shows that RK poses� potent fat-loss properties and represent a new tool in fighting obesity and aiding fat loss.

The chemical structure of RK resembles that of capsaicin (of red peppers) and synephrine, found in Citrus Aurantium. Both synephrine and capsaicin are well documented for their ability to produce thermogenesis thro...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Green Tea SE Xanthinol Nicotinate
P2 Oolong Tea SE Raspberry Ketones
Caffeine USP Evodiamine

Further Information:

Read more about MAN Scorch Remix V3 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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