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Index : MAN
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MAN  Clout

MAN Clout

MAN Clout

Clout, claim MAN, is designed to athletic performance and recovery to the next level and to be different from any other creatine matrix. Primary ingredients include Creatine Orotate, Beta-Alanine, Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL and N-Acetyl-Cysteine amongst others. Here's what MAN have to say about Clout.

MAN's Product Description:


At MAN™ Sports we believe anything is possible. Within this state of mind, incredible innovations are dreamt and brought to reality. Our newest development has shattered old world beliefs, defying existing barriers and obstacles effortlessly, bringing to the market state of the art strength, stamina and recovery supplementation. This work, this Holy-grail, is the end result of the perfected balance of vision, passion, science, innovation and technology. Not only are the ingredients in this supplement completely supported by genuine clinical studies, but this new supplement has also been in the trenches, tested, and tested again by real world athletes.

It Sounds Too Good To Be True...But It's Not!

Every single ingredient in CLOUT™ is scientifically proven to noticeably drive athletic performance and recovery to the Next level. Developed by the dedicated team behind the groundbreaking High Voltage BodyOctane™ and fat loss sensation, SCORCH™ Remix Volume 3™, Vaporize™ with BIG FISH™ and MAN™ Sports Products Inc. proudly introduces, CLOUT™. Bar-none the most potent over the counter performance enhancer the world has ever known at effectively increasing strength, stamina, and recovery.

CLOUT™ has been reformulated to deliver better taste and even better performance over the much vaunted and heralded original formulation. Once again, CLOUT™ delivers 8 powerful, never-before combined bioactives in scientifically proven doses to create a new and exciting direction in supplementation maximizing human performance, body composition and optimizing the athletic environment. Distinguishing itself from existing run-of-the-mill creatine matrix's, the ingredients in ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Creatine Orotate Inositol HexaPhosphate
Beta-Alanine N-Acetyl-Cysteine
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL Magnesium Orotate

Further Information:

Read more about MAN Clout at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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