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LG Sciences  Methyl 1-D

LG Sciences Methyl 1-D

LG Sciences Methyl 1-D

Supplement Companies continue to innovate to fill the prohormone void and LG Sciences present Methyl 1-D. Methyl 1-D promises extreme gains in muscle and strength, elevated testosterone levels and increased fat burning.

LG Sciences's Product Description:

You know that prohormones give you explosive muscle gains and skyrocketing strength that surpasses your wildest dreams. Except you can’t get them now…or can you? With every prohormone we’ve created, we look for those compounds that do an awesome job of building muscles but don’t cross that legal line.

It’s hard to stay right here, where we always have been, on the cutting edge of supplement enhancement. Legal Gear (or should we say LG Sciences™) has ALWAYS led the PROHORMONE revolution. We started with Methyl 1-Test™, a legal steroid that had bodybuilders screaming in the streets. We followed up with products like Masterdrol V2, Methyl 1-Alpha, Methyl Masterdrol and the favorite of all time, Methyl 1-P™.

Despite the ban, we’ve still found a way to make muscle magic with the ONLY real PROHORMONE still available today – METHYL 1-D™. Don’t be fooled by “hormone-like”, “similar to prohormone,” “steroid alternative,” or any of the other bogus terms used for products that aren’t really prohormones. Methyl 1-D™ is the real thing, and it does everything you expect from a prohormone despite the ban.

METHYL 1-D™, is our most groundbreaking product yet. Only METHYL 1-D™ is an anabolic animal by itself AND a stack supercharger, too!

The Last Legal Prohormone Product Available

METHYL 1-D™ may be one of the most potent androgens since the prohormone ban in January 2005. With METHYL-1D™, you get an AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroid) hormone that’s a chemical cousin to Testosterone. METHYL 1-D™ converts easily into TEST and also has an estrogen blocker to prevent bloat and bitch tits along with a 5aR inhibitor, so you can keep your hair. This is by far the safest product on the market that still gives prohormone results. You’ll get solid gains in muscle mass without the b...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about LG Sciences Methyl 1-D at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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