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LG Sciences  Liquid Masterdrol

LG Sciences Liquid Masterdrol

LG Sciences Liquid Masterdrol

Legal Gear continue to stay one step ahead of the game with Masterdrol, a Prohormone Complex featuring Epihydroxyetioallocholan-17-One Ethyl Ester.

LG Sciences's Product Description:

You may not know this but LegalGear’s Masterdrol Series was the best selling prohormone in our entire line, even better than Methyl 1-Test! We were the first to release methyl delivery systems, which revolutionized prosteroids and we have done it again with LIQUID MASTERDROL™! We give to you the final product in our MASTERDROL SERIES.

The original Masterdrol was a huge success, quickly followed by Masterdrol V2 (RIP from the ban of 2004) and Methyl-Masterdrol (RIP in the FDA ban of 2005). We proudly give you Liquid Masterdrol, the final in the series…our ultimate creation. With the passing of LegalGear and the licensing of the product line to LG Sciences, we knew we needed to revive this monster and give the people what they want...the calls were too great, the people demanded the results…and of course we delivered AGAIN!

The last of the TRUE prohormones!

Methyl 1-D and Liquid Masterdrol are the last true prohormones on the market today. Unlike illegal steroids and harsh prosteroids like Superdrol ™ and Halodrol-50 ™, you won’t see 10lbs in one week. As good as it feels to gain 10lbs in 1 week, you will most likely lose 70% of that because it is mostly cellular water weight. While this feels good, it gets you no closer to your ultimate goal and has potential harsh side effects that all steroids share. Methyl 1-D and Liquid Masterdrol are the SANE alternatives to harsh prosteroids. One warning, if you have done a cycle of illegal steroids or harsh prosteroids like Superdrol ™ or Halodrol-50 ™, you won’t “feel” our stack because your receptors are not clean. If, however you have avoided prohormones because of the harsh side effects, but always wanted prohormone gains, these products are for you! Users are reporting 7lbs of lean muscle in about two w...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Yohimbine HCL

Further Information:

Read more about LG Sciences Liquid Masterdrol at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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