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Index : Interactive Nutrition
Sports Supplement Information

Interactive Nutrition  Mammoth 2500

Interactive Nutrition Mammoth 2500

Interactive Nutrition Mammoth 2500

Interactive Nutrition Mammoth 2500 is a weight gain supplement offering 50g of protein and 152g of carbohydrates per serving. Weight gain supplements are aimed at people looking to build muscle mass as part of a weight training and diet programme.

Interactive Nutrition's Product Description:

Canada's Best Weight Gain Product
Picture - MAMMOTH 2500

Specifically designed for the hard gainer or individual looking for a product to help them gain weight and strength fast - look no further than Mammoth 2500. The name says it all!!

Benefits of InterACTIVE Nutrition International Inc.'s MAMMOTH 2500:

* Quite simply the most calorie-dense and best-tasting weight
gain product on the market today!
* GROW BIG with a MAMMOTH dose of Protein 50 grams of a premium quality, multi-blend protein (Whey protein concentrate, total milk protein, pure egg protein)
Benefits of Egg Protein
o High levels of alanine, arginine, glycine and methine
o Fat Free
* GROW BIG with a whopping MAMMOTH dose of Carbs 152 grams of quality carbohydrates to help fuel your body, along with plenty of quality calories to help you grow
* MAMMOTH is a premium quality protein blend designed for maximum growth
o Outstanding biological value and protein efficiency ratio
o Balanced and completely intact profile of whey protein microfractions
* GROW with MAXIMUM absorption of all the ingredients in MAMMOTH Activated with a high quality Proteolytic Enzyme Blend
* Enjoy every serving of MAMMOTH 2500 to the last drop
o Available in tasty mouth-watering flavours
o Great tasting and convenient weight gain beverage, which can be taken any time for a mega dose of mammoth nutrients!

InterACTIVE Nutrition International Inc.'s MAMMOTH 2500 is available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Banana flavours, in 1kg, 2.2kg, and 4.4kg sizes....

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Whey Protein Concentrate Maltodextrin
Calcium Caseinate Medium Chain Triglycerides
Egg White Albumen Enzyme Blend

Further Information:

Read more about Interactive Nutrition Mammoth 2500 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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