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Index : Interactive Nutrition
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Interactive Nutrition  Glycocarb

Interactive Nutrition Glycocarb

Interactive Nutrition Glycocarb

Glycocarb is a complex carbohydrate supplement fortified with Inulin and Alpha Lipoic Acid to aid energy levels.

Interactive Nutrition's Product Description:

Not Your Average Carbohydrate Drink Mix!

If you need energy to perform at your best, and you need it fast and to last, then Glycocarb™ is the answer you've been looking for! This is not your average carbohydrate drink mix; here's why:
Benefits of InterACTIVE Nutrition International Inc.®'s Glycocarb™:

* Features a high-quality carbohydrate complex formulation Glycocarb™' carbohydrate formula is higher in complex carbohydrates than simple carbohydrates, which allows for a more sustained release of energy.
* Features complex carbohydrates, which are absorbed into the body
o Maltodextrin, which facilitates the fast delivery and uptake of glycogen by muscle tissue and of other vital nutrients that aid in muscle glycogen replenishment after exercise.
o Inulin, a natural dietary fibre present in common fruits and vegetables.
* Fortified with Alpha Lipoic Acid for ensured energy
* Fast convenient and easy to mix Simply mix and you're ready to go!
* A great tasting way to fuel your body with quality carbohydrates for energy and for optimal recovery from exercise....

Primary Active Ingredients:*


Further Information:

Read more about Interactive Nutrition Glycocarb at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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