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Index : ISS Research
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ISS Research  Promino Plus

ISS Research Promino Plus

ISS Research Promino Plus

Promino Plus from ISS Research is designed to support your body's natural growth hormone production for healthy musclar growth.

ISS Research's Product Description:

Your body's naturally produced growth hormone has no bad side effects. In fact, your natually produced growth hormone heals injuries, maintains healthy muscle tissue, promotes young elastic skin, and helps maintain a vigorous metabolism.

Promino Plus™ is a natural solution to stimulate natural production of your body's own growth hormone. The unique combination of mono, poly peptides, amino acids and the effervescent catalyst Clorifate provides a unique stable delivery system counteracting otherwise destructive digestion processes.

Growth hormone has proven itself to be a powerful anabolic agent thanks to enhanced muscle protein synthesis and reduced muscle protein catabolism. Athletes all over the world have turned to growth hormone to improve their performance.

As you get older your body produces less growth hormone. Your muscles easily get tired, sore, and injured. Recovery takes longer and everthing becomes more difficult.

Promino Plus™ is the only product licensed to contain Endo-Pro Plus, an advanced circulation enhancer, and Pro Cosanoid, a nerve synapse electrolyte. ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Mono and Poly Peptides L-Glutamine
Aminotrope-7 L-Arginine
Endo-Pro Plus GABA

Further Information:

Read more about ISS Research Promino Plus at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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