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IDS  Kranker 2

IDS Kranker 2

IDS Kranker 2

Kranker 2 is a weight and water control supplement designed to help both metabolism and water control via a sustained release formula.

IDS's Product Description:

The all-new Bi Layer technology In Kranker2!

Effects you feel today and results you see tomorrow!

Technology enables one tablet to act as two with all new Bi Layer Kranker2! The ideal balance of long lasting energy with fast acting natural herbs ridding the body of unwanted waterweight around the thighs hips and abdomen.

The Thermo Orange portion of the all-new Kranker2 contains a naturally derived Neutropic agent Thiamin Disulfide O. This Neutropic stimulant not only increases metabolism and mood, but enhances brain function by stimulating the formation of TTP (Thiamin Triphosphate). This TTP acts as a regulator for electrical impulses in the brain know as synaptic transmissions. Increasing these impulses in the brain results in a positive, alert energized feeling of intensity, NOT just nervous jitters.

The Waterweight control or Blue portion of the Kranker 2 contains natural cleansing agents, which quickly and easily rids the body of excess water weight. Water balance is critical for looking lean. Eliminating stubborn fluid retention from just below the skin can increase the appearance of a sculpted and lean look. Common in the thighs and hips, many see excess water weight in the lower back and abdomen. By drawing water from these common trouble areas, dramatic improvements can be seen in a few days, or in some cases hours!

Kranker2 all new Phased control delivery matrix!
Kranker 2 uses a patented pharmaceutical delivery technology. This binding matrix provides a sustained release both the energy and watershed components in Kranker2.

How does phased control technology work? This patented combination of a processed natural fiber matrix forms a gel like mass while in the small intestine, releasing Kranker2ís Powerful weight loss herbs over 4-5 hours. ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Thiamine disulfide Buchu leaf
Caffeine Juniper berry
Couchgrass rhizome Hydrangea root

Further Information:

Read more about IDS Kranker 2 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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