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IDS  Bulk Tabs

IDS Bulk Tabs

IDS Bulk Tabs

IDS have designed Bulk Tabs as an advanced weight gain product with anabolic ingredients, enzyme blocking formula and anti-estrogen components.

IDS's Product Description:

Bulk Tabs will soon set the standard for Bulk Cycle supplementation. As a weight gain mass inducing product, Bulk tabs has no equal.
The hyper anabolic ingredients in Bulk Tabs are protected from the liver by the IDS Anabolic Amplifier enzyme blocking formula. This technology pioneered by IDS attacks both destructive enzymes (CYP and P450), attaches to them and carries each of them harmlessly out of the body to allow the Bulk Tabs active ingredients to enter the bloodstream unharmed. Without this enzyme technology, up to 40% of these compounds would be destroyed before ever being able to induce any muscle growth whatsoever.

Bulk tabs though only mildly androgenic can in some cases aromatize and convert to estrogen in the body. To combat this, Bulk Tabs formula includes 6-Bromo 3, 17-dioxetiioallocholane. The addition of this estrogen blocker virtually eliminates potential side effects of estrogen conversion. The result is a product which induces solid muscle and strength gains above and beyond any other mass builder on the market.
Bulk Tabs can be combined with fat burners, but ideally are combined with Anabolic Cutting agents such as Ripped Tabs for optimal lean muscle growth with minimal water retention. PCT is recommended following a 2-4 week Bulk Tabs cycle. PCT cycles generally range from 4-6 weeks and generally overlap at least two weeks of the active anabolic cycle for best results....

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Green Tea 3 17 Anabol
Milk Thistle Epimedium Sagittatum
Chrysin 6 Bromo

Further Information:

Read more about IDS Bulk Tabs at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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