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Index : Ergopharm
Sports Supplement Information

Ergopharm  Stamin O2

Ergopharm Stamin O2

Ergopharm Stamin O2

Ergopharm's Stamin O2 seeks to help you decrease fatigue and increase aerobic exercise performance through supplementation with Creatine and Citrulline Malate.

Ergopharm's Product Description:

If you are taking creatine then you are only addressing half of the equation of muscle energy, recovery, and growth.

Creatine works by enhancing your muscle’s energy supply and re-supply capacity through the anaerobic pathway. It does this by increasing concentrations of creatine phosphate, which is the muscle’s immediate storage house for valuable phosphate ions. In the form of creatine phosphate, these ions are readily available to restore the activity of the primary muscle fuel ATP. Creatine phosphate works in conjunction with glycogen to provide immediate energy to the muscle. These compounds do not require the presence of oxygen to do their work, hence they are termed anaerobic (without oxygen) substrates.

The down side of the story is that creatine phosphate is quickly used up. In addition to this, anaerobic breakdown of glycogen for energy (glycolysis) soon comes to a halt as lactic acid builds up.

At this point it is time for the aerobic re-supply of ATP to take over. The aerobic energy system is complex and involves many metabolic pathways that use glucose, glycolytic byproducts, as well as fats for substrates.

Citrulline Malate ­ “Aerobic Creatine???”

As I explained, creatine works by supporting and enhancing the anaerobic production of energy in the muscle. Unfortunately, it does nothing to address the production of aerobic energy in the muscle.

This is where citrulline malate comes in. Citrulline malate has been shown to increase aerobic ATP production in the muscle by 34%! The result is a marked decrease in fatigue and a substantial increase in aerobic exercise performance. Citrulline malate does this in part by stimulating the removal and utilization for energy of the lactic acid formed during anaerobic glycolysis.

Citrulline malat...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about Ergopharm Stamin O2 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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