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Index : Ergopharm
Sports Supplement Information

Ergopharm  ErgoLean AMP

Ergopharm ErgoLean AMP

Ergopharm ErgoLean AMP

Ergopharm attempt to confront both the physical and mental barriers of dietting with ErgoLean AMP and combination of Neuro-Stimulation and Thermogenic Supplements.

Ergopharm's Product Description:

What is it: Pre-Workout Neuro-stimulant / Thermogenic Monster

What’s in it: Geranamine™, Chocamine™, and Caffeine.

How does it work: AMP is specific, synergistic blend of 3 key components that provide aggressive results unlike any other product before.
Amp contains:

- Chocamine™. Chocamine™ is the protein component in cocoa. Chocamine™ has been shown to be an effective appetite suppressant, potent CNS stimulant, lipolytic (fat mobilizer), and fatigue fighter.

- Geranamine™. Geranamine™ is a derivative of geranium oil which resembles the body’s own chemical messenger, epinephrine (adrenaline). Like adrenaline, Geranamine™ is a powerful CNS stimulant, for added energy, increased clarity and a boost in physical performance, especially valuable to athletes during calorie restriction or when a high level of focus is needed. For fat loss, Geranamine™ works through a similar chemical pathway as ephedrine, causing a rise in cAMP, the chemical messenger that triggers fat release. Caffeine works in synergy with Chocamine™, and Geranamine™ as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, and fatigue fighter. It also prolong the lipolytic effect of both of the other two active ingredients in AMP™.

- Potent CNS stimulant, for increased energy, incredible mental focus and concentration, increased lipolysis by increasing the chemical messenger (cAMP) that triggers fatty acid release from adipose tissue.

- Increased physical performance
- Appetite suppression
- Improved mood, sense of well-being
- Adrenaline mimetic

Who will benefit from it: Dieters, athletes and mainstream fitness enthusiasts who are looking for increased concentration, focus, and mental clarity unmatched by a thermogenic / stimulant before. ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about Ergopharm ErgoLean AMP at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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