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Index : Controlled Labs
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Controlled Labs  Red Acid

Controlled Labs Red Acid

Controlled Labs Red Acid

Thermogenic Fat Loss aid formulated to enhance metabolism, control appetite and aid fat loss.

Controlled Labs's Product Description:

Red Acid GEN 2™ is the most advanced fat incineration matrix available today... so effective you can actually feel it working !! This unique formula is designed to enhance your metabolism, control your appetite and cravings, and keep you focused and energized all day long.

Key Attributes:

* Thermogenic fatloss you can FEEL
* Control Appetite and Cravings
* Long Lasting Energy
* Enhanced metabolism
* Ephedra Free / Ephedrine Free
* Body Fat Reduction via Lipolysis
* Help Activate PPAR-alpha
* Enhanced Blood Flow
* Insulin Regulation
* Yohimbe Free / Yohimbine Free
* Designed to stack VERY well with SesaGlow™ and Blue UP™ (Stim Free)

Even with proper diet and cardio, many individuals will eventually experience problems losing fat at an "optimal" rate. Now we have the answer: Red Acid GEN 2™. Unlike other fat loss products, Red Acid GEN 2™ helps you to achieve fat loss via several different pathways to overcome your metabolism for optimal fatloss results.

Red Acid GEN 2™ includes a special cacao extract, that serves as a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPAR-alpha) agonist and can help to modulate ghrelin levels, producing a hunger satisfaction and stimulating glycerol and fatty acid release from adipocytes throughout the body. To enhance this effect, we included herbal appetite suppressants that work via the brains central nervous system rather than the digestive tract to deliver a one-two punch to "knock out" hunger and cravings.

With cravings and appetite under complete control, we took Red Acid GEN 2™ to the next level with powerful naturally occuring energizers, nootropics, and thermogenics like isobutyryl-thiamine disulfide, theobromine, hordenine, evodiamine, and vinpocetine. ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Theobromine Special Fatty Acids
Evodiamine Extract Forskolin
Hordenine Raspberry Ketones

Further Information:

Read more about Controlled Labs Red Acid at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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