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Index : Champion Nutrition
Sports Supplement Information

Champion Nutrition  Revenge Pro

Champion Nutrition Revenge Pro

Champion Nutrition Revenge Pro

Endurance Hydration Rocket Fuel from Champion Nutrition to help

Improve Performance, Increase Power output, Enhance VO2 Max and

Reduce Lactic Acid.

Champion Nutrition's Product Description:


The truth: Aerobic performance isn't controlled by carbohydrates or electrolytes! Oxygen or more accurately, the lack of oxygen dictates your ability to perform at your highest level...

REVENGE PRO contains ingredients shown to help improve oxygen utilization while supporting optimal cardiac function. Some of the ingredients found in REVENGE PRO, such as coenzyme-Q10, feverfew, willow bark and omega-fatty acids work together to support a reduction in plasma viscocity and increase blood flow volume - All key factors in optimizing oxygen transfer from red blood cells to muscles, which produce your power.

More Efficient Oxygen Utilization Actually Helps Reduce the Formation of Lactic Acid By supporting cardiac function for athletes and oxygen delivery to working muscles, REVENGE PRO could help reduce your lactic acid production. Some older products simply absorb lactic acid after it is produced. This would allow precious energy compounds to leave muscle. By increasing the availability of these compounds, REVENGE PRO could help speed the production of more ATP, the high-energy molecule essential for all muscular activity.

The Secret is in the SERC's

The secret to the remarkable REVENGE PRO formula is found within the SERC's (Sustained Energy Release Crystals), which contain the key ingredients that help to power your performance. Each SERC microcrystal consists of three distinct layers. Their heat and moisture sensitive construction causes each layer to release its energy compounds at a rate controlled by your body. This means that you get sustained energy during your race or workout for up to two hours on a single serving!

Top endurance athletes from around the world use REVENGE PRO to help them train consistently and effectively compete at the levels required to stay in and win elite events.

REVENGE PRO takes up where every other energy drink leaves off....

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about Champion Nutrition Revenge Pro at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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