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Index : Champion Nutrition
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Champion Nutrition  Pro-Score 100

Champion Nutrition Pro-Score 100

Champion Nutrition Pro-Score 100

"The Perfect Protein" - quite a claim from Champion Nutrition. Read on to find out why Pro-Score 100 is a strong protein supplement to consider.

Champion Nutrition's Product Description:

Why protein? Protein is essential to our metabolism. Its role in growth, muscle repair, enzymatic reactions and other vital functions crucial to our well-being, has been extensively documented. Pro-Score 100 gives you a concentrated source of nitrogen-rich protein that is easy-to digest, glutamine-rich, lowfat and lactose-free. In addition, it has the highest and most complete essential amino acid score meeting the strict protein standards issued by the FAO/WHO*.

A single serving of Pro-Score 100 can deliver up to 34 g of protein. That's more protein than one chicken breast, three times more protein than 2 whole eggs, and gram-for-gram, more protein-dense than a sirloin steak. Pro-Score 100 contains a blend of six different dairy proteins for fast and slow protein-nitrogen release. This enables you to enjoy two major benefits: 1) Quickly digest and assimilate the nitrogen and amino acids crucial to muscle recovery, and 2) Have a continuous and sustained stream of easy-to-digest protein for long-term muscle growth and recovery, fat metabolism and immune system function.

Glutamine is essential to your muscles. It is also essential to your digestive tract—the portal by which all nutrients must pass before they enter your body. Pro-Score 100 is glutamine-enriched to help your body maintain existing muscle while at the same time, help to improve the transport of nutrients.

Since dairy proteins may be harder to digest for some individuals, Pro-Score 100 is not only lactose-free, but it also contains hydrolyzed whey proteins. Hydrolyzing the whey proteins allows more protein nitrogen to be delivered into the body in the form of di- and tripeptides. Hydr...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Whey Protein Isolate Milk Protein Concentrate
Whey Protein Hydrolysate L-Glutamine
Whey Protein Concentrate Taurine

Further Information:

Read more about Champion Nutrition Pro-Score 100 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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