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Biotest  ZMA

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Biotest ZMA

Biotest ZMA

Biotest aim to help you enhance strength, endurance, recovery and growth with their version of the original ZMA formula from SNAC system. Here's what they have to say...

Biotest's Product Description:

ZMA is an advanced zinc/magnesium formulation designed to replace deficiencies caused from exercise and stress.

ZMA is a scientifically designed mineral-support formula that can dramatically increase natural levels of anabolic hormones and improve athletic performance. In fact, if taken as recommended, ZMA can increase free testosterone by 30% while boosting IGF-1 levels significantly.

Zinc and magnesium deficiencies are common in the general population and even more prevalent in athletes. To illustrate the point, in 1998, the mineral status of over 250 NFL players was tested. Over 70% of the players were either depleted or deficient in both zinc and magnesium. It sounds almost unbelievable because of all the attention we give to good nutrition, but most athletes and active people are deficient in zinc and magnesium which results in decreased hormone levels and diminished strength and power.

The Cause of Zinc and Magnesium Deficiencies

Why are we so deficient in zinc and magnesium? Probably the biggest reason is that rigorous exercise and stress result in significant mineral losses. And, to make matters worse, most ordinary types of zinc and magnesium are poorly absorbed it's very difficult to recover proper amounts without specific supplementation.

The Solution

ZMA is designed to combat these deficiencies. University studies have found that the zinc and magnesium contained in ZMA are absorbed far better than other forms. An independent ZMA study was recently conducted on competitive NCAA football players at Western Washington University. The results show that, in eight weeks, the ZMA group increased free and total testosterone levels by 30%, while the placebo group showed a decrease of 10%. The ZMA group also had a slight increase in IGF-1 levels c...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Magnesium Aspartate
Vitamin B6

Further Information:

Read more about Biotest ZMA at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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