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Index : Biotest
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Biotest  Spike

Biotest Spike

Biotest Spike

Biotest Spike is a mind and body stimulation supplement designed to help elevate mood, mental clarity and energy levels.

Biotest's Product Description:

How would you like to have the best workout of your life every time you train?

How would like to have the energy of ephedrine, without the jitters?

How would you like the mental clarity and mood elevation of amphetamine, without using a controlled substance?

How would you like all of this, without negative side effects: no addiction and no down-regulation of receptors requiring ever-increasing doses?

Well, bubba, you can have it all with one bad-boy . . .

His name is Spike! . . . and he'll blow your freakin' head off with ammo to spare!

No one else in the world has access to the power ingredients in Spike. A patent has been filed and I'll keep the formula-activation secret out of the public domain forever. Like the secret Coke formula, I consider the Spike formula to be one of our most-valued assets. As such, I'm not going to discuss one single thing about the science behind it, and I'm certainly not going to publish what makes the power turn on.

And before some of you punks assume that the secret behind Spike is simply caffeine or some other pusillanimous, everyday substance, its not! So dont waste your time asking me about it!

All I'm going to say is, it works big time!

Even if you had all the raw materials, which you can never get, you'd still be missing the single most important factor: Unless you know how to activate the formula, which can only be done a certain way prior to mixing the ingredients, then you have nothing. And there's absolutely no way to reverse- engineer it.

Anyway, enough of the blustering. Were about to deliver you the best brain-body ride you'll ever experience that is, if boundless muscular power and mental clarity are your games. It's like we're chemically hardwiring all your synapses for nuc...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

thiamine disulfide

Further Information:

Read more about Biotest Spike at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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