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Biotest  Carbolin 19

Biotest Carbolin 19

Biotest Carbolin 19

Biotest describe Carbolin 19 as "The Ultimate Anabolic Bridge". The supplement, designed to increase muscular pump, elevate mood, increase rate of muscle gain, increases rate of strength gain and decrease fat mass while gaining muscle, is suggest to equal or exceed designer steroid Anavar (oxandrolone). Bold claims? Read on...

Biotest's Product Description:

The name of the novel anabolic compound is Carbolin 19. The actual chemical name is colforsin 1,9-ethylcarbonate. Carbolin 19 is a carbonate ester of a naturally occurring diterpene called colforsin (aka, forskolin). Don't even begin to confuse this material with an herbal extract of Coleus forskohlii! We're using a carbonate ester of pure colforsin, which means it's a highly pure, single compound.

We spent the last year extracting and purifying colforsin to pharmaceutical-grade standards and further refining it into a carbonate ester. This reaction extended the duration of action from four hours to 12 hours. The carbonate gave us an increase in bioavailability as well, but it wasn't enough. So, we incorporated the compound into our Nano-Dispersed Gel, which improved bioavailability to the point of being drug-like.

One of the members of our research group conducted a university study on an earlier, less-potent version of Carbolin 19. The findings show that pure colforsin literally equals the anabolic effects of Anavar. But that's not all.

Unlike Anavar, Carbolin 19 is not liver toxic and is not receptor mediated. This means that you can take it year-round without becoming liver toxic, that its effects will not diminish over time, and that you will not suppress natural testosterone production. In fact, there's indication that Carbolin 19 helps support the natural production of testosterone.

Bottom line, Carbolin 19 can deliver better results than Anavar but without any of the negative side effects, making it the perfect anabolic bridge! ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Colforsin 1,9-carbonate

Further Information:

Read more about Biotest Carbolin 19 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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