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Index : Applied NutriceuticalsUSA
Sports Supplement Information

Applied NutriceuticalsUSA  IGF-2

Applied NutriceuticalsUSA IGF-2

Applied NutriceuticalsUSA IGF-2

IGF-2 from Applied Nutriceuticals is designed to promote muscle hardness and fullness, increase size and strength and shorten recovery time.

Applied NutriceuticalsUSA's Product Description:

You’ve got to do a lot of things right to get the massive muscle size, density, strength and hardness you see among the nationally-ranked and pro-level bodybuilders. You’ve got to keep you protein intake high, train aggressively, manage your carb intake, get sufficient rest, etc. But let’s face it…you can do everything right and your gains will be still be limited unless you also do something to increase your testosterone and growth hormone levels. These two hormones are the most anabolic substances know to man – so it’s no wonder that serious bodybuilders administer them directly in various oral and injectable forms. Unfortunately these pharmaceutical-grade preparations are not readily available without a prescription, so for the rest of us, we must find another way.

Only IGF-2™ “Immediate Growth Factor” ™ provides the mechanisms to trigger exponential increases in BOTH SERUM TESTOSTERONE AND HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE LEVELS! Better yet, the effects of this ground-breaking formulation can be felt just days after starting. Even hardcore bodybuilders with years of experience with steroids and growth hormone (HGH) rave about this formulation, reporting that it keeps them from “crashing” during off cycles, allowing for continuous, compound muscle growth! Every component of this revolutionary formula either directly or indirectly promotes testosterone and / or HGH production, while also triggering powerful fat-burning mechanisms. The result? Everything you want: Massive increases in muscle size, strength, leanness and density!

The synergistic compounds contained in IGF-2™ stimulate a variety of complex reactions and messenger systems in the body, and have been clinically proven to increase testosterone production. IGF-2 contains large amounts of Spirosta-steroidal saponi...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Safed Musli Dodder Seed
Mucuna Pruriens
Rhodiola Rosea

Further Information:

Read more about Applied NutriceuticalsUSA IGF-2 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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