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Index : Anabolic Xtreme
Sports Supplement Information

Anabolic Xtreme  Mass FX

Anabolic Xtreme Mass FX

Anabolic Xtreme Mass FX

Mass FX targets androgen receptors in your body, stimulating them to increase your natural testosterone levels by very significant amounts to aid strength gains and lean body mass.

Anabolic Xtreme's Product Description:

This breakthrough is almost cheating, really. I mean if you take something and you FEEL in less than a week, and your strength and mass increase within the first three days, what would you call it? In fact, most professional sports would call this cheating!

You remember how that little innovative company called Anabolic Xtreme took the industry by storm and won awards as the best new supplement company of 2005. You remember how they introduced what is arguably the best selling and most effective anabolic product of all time, Superdrol™. What you remembered most is everything they produced actually worked, and this time is no different.
» How will I know that it works?
Mass FX starts to kick in. You should be feeling the Alpha Male mentality. Workouts will be more intense and recovery will be quicker.

How good is it?
MassFX™ will soon be announced as the winner of the ANABOLIC PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in one of largest international bodybuilding magazines. All thanks to one of the most hard core and totally legal ingredients ever: 25R-diol™.

The entire legal supplement market was knocked off it’s axis when Anabolic Xtreme publicly posted the unedited beta test results of their amazing new hard core supplement MassFX™. Over 50 experienced body-builders raved about the results they felt after a one month stack of Hyperdrol™ and MassFX™.

What did they rave about?
It brought out their Alpha Male side. You know –that raging, confident, aggressive feeling. Alpha Male, the guy that gets all the chicks. As we all know, pure aggression accompanies any great androgen and Mass FX is no exception. That on its own right was enough for many users, but how about a ten pound increase in mass that is dry and hard with no water retention? Impossible? It was reality for 20% of ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*


Further Information:

Read more about Anabolic Xtreme Mass FX at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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