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Index : Advanced Muscle Science
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Advanced Muscle Science  1-Androsterone

Advanced Muscle Science 1-Androsterone

Advanced Muscle Science 1-Androsterone

1-Androsterone is an orally active supplement that seeks to surpass the gains from banned supplements such a 1-Androstendiol and 1-Test whilst avoiding the "Methyl" supplement route.

Advanced Muscle Science's Product Description:

Remember when Prohormones worked as advertised without harsh side effects or dangers? Advanced Muscle Science (AMS) revives those days with the groundbreaking product 1-Androsterone! This product has many of the same beneficial effects that the now banned products 1-Androstendiol and 1-Test did. In fact, due to its unique legal formulation 1-ANDROSTERONE will give you even better results, because we have learned a few things since the original "andro" prohormones were on the market

The most common benefits include the following:

* Non-Toxic (unlike virtually every “methyl” prohormone on the market)
* Orally Active Compound
* Extremely Potent
* Completely Non-Aromatizable to Estrogen
* Naturally Occurring

1-Androsterone converts at a high rate to 1-Testosterone and will give you similar strength and size increases to other products such as the old 1-Andro or 1-Test products that were on the market before they were banned. Old 1-Andro products were known for their high conversion rate and for being truly orally active. Those products also converted to 1-tesosterone (which is an isomer of testosterone) and were found in research to be 700% more anabolic (muscle building) than standard testosterone. Early user feedback reported lean mass and strength gains without much, if any, corresponding water gains. To sum it up, they have reduced estrogenic and increased androgenic activity. This allowed for increases in strength and aggression, reduction of body-fat and a leaner look to the physique.

Now, through a new and different legal formulation 1-Androsterone provides the similar results! Not a liver toxic methyl prohormone, 1-Androsterone combines the safest and most advanced delivery method available in a prohormone product to deliver bet...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

1-Androstene-3b-ol 17-one Piperine
Luteolin Sodium Caprylate

Further Information:

Read more about Advanced Muscle Science 1-Androsterone at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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