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Index : AST Sports Science
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AST Sports Science  Ny-Tro Pro-40

AST Sports Science Ny-Tro Pro-40

AST Sports Science Ny-Tro Pro-40

Ny-Tro Pro-40 is a glutamine enhanced meal replacement product from AST featuring 40g of protein per serving and only 1g fat and sugar.

AST Sports Science's Product Description:

At AST Sports Science, our main goal is to eliminate the guesswork - take the mystery out of building muscle and improving athletic performance. By incorporating a scientifically backed training program, proper whole food nutrition, and integrating research based supplementation - muscle gains are inevitable - not to mention much easier and more rewarding. Follow these precision guidelines and you can't help but pack on lean, quality muscle mass while ridding yourself of definition blurring body fat.

"Experts Are Calling Ny-Tro PRO-40 - The Perfect Way To Build Muscle And Strip Away Body Fat!"

Ny-Tro PRO-40 is designed specifically to eliminate the mystery out of the two most confusing elements - the nutrition and supplementation puzzle.

Ny-Tro PRO-40 is Not a Supplement!
Ny-Tro PRO-40 is not really a supplement at all. Ny-Tro PRO-40 is a perfect meal minus the empty calories, minus the fat, and minus the simple sugars. If your body doesnít need it, itís not in Ny-Tro PRO-40.

New Cysteine Enhancement Formula Exclusive to Ny-Tro PRO-40
This newly designed formula has revolutionized performance nutrition. Unlike typical meal replacement powders, Ny-Tro PRO-40 incorporates breakthrough scientific discoveries in the genetic markers for muscle growth and body fat regulation. This is cutting edge science that is only available in Ny-Tro PRO-40.

New scientific studies have identified key substrates that govern muscle growth and regulate fat synthesis. Imagine being able to supply your body with the very substrates that trigger muscle growth, fat loss, and even immune system enhancement. By integrating these research findings into the formulation of Ny-Tro PRO-40 we have developed a nutritional supplement that supplies the key substrates that work on a p...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Whey protein concentrate L-Glutamine
Calcium caseinate N-Acetyl cysteine
Milk protein isolate Branch Chain Amino Acids

Further Information:

Read more about AST Sports Science Ny-Tro Pro-40 at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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